About Us

Guided by a strong moral compass – with values rooted in trust, transparency, mutual respect and justice for all – we’re helping organizations pioneer the path to pay parity.

Heyke Kirkendall-Baker

Parity Software was born from a deep personal passion for inclusion, equity, and fairness.  The Parity Software Team is committed to helping organizations become an Employer of Choice by leading the way with fair pay!

25 years’ of experience as a human resources professional and an employment attorney

President and Co-founder

25-year veteran in software engineering and quality assurance

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder
Steve Baker

We all believe that everyone deserves equal pay for equal work, and we all want to comply with the complicated employment laws.  Parity Software can help your organization remove the complexity, assist with compliance, and eradicate the pay gap.  

David Nickerson

We would love to partner with your organization during your journey to fair pay by turning the complexity into automated simplicity.

Skilled digital strategist with a military background

Chief Digital Officer

Let our experience be your guide 

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