Is Your Company Protected?

Oregon’s Equal Pay Act requires all Oregon employers (except Federal government) to pay employees performing comparable work the same salary, unless the employer can identify at least one of the following reasons for the pay difference: seniority, performance, travel, education, experience, piece-rate, or a combination of these factors. 

Failure to comply with this new law can result in the employer paying up to 2 years of backpay and the employee’s attorney fees!

Reduce your risk and protect your company today. Parity Software is an affordable and automated software program that provides employers with consistent analysis and reporting to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Act. With this efficient, user-friendly interface, employers can repeat the analysis on-demand—with every increase in pay, new employee, new job, etc. Employers will also be able to generate job descriptions— all included with the program. 

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1 thought on “Is Your Company Protected?”

  1.  Compliance is often fraught with overpowering confusion and fear. We relieve the burden of state-mandated pay equity laws, so you can remain true to your company’s cultural vision and mission. One of the amazing features of Parity Software is that it helps us lower our risk and safeguard our organization. I also agree with you that it’s a reasonable and efficient automated software program that offers employers consistent analysis and reporting to guarantee compliance with the requirements of the Equal Pay Act.

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