The power of our solution lies in its automated simplicity.

Parity Software is an all-in-one, easy-to-use, turn-key remedy designed by HR professionals for HR professionals. This solution empowers businesses to create the positive workplaces of tomorrow, all while adhering to pressing regulatory demands.

The software comes with three modules:

Job Valuation:
Banding and job descriptions.

• Analyze each job and generate job descriptions.
• Objectively group comparable jobs, in alignment with required legal criteria.

Employee Valuation:
Pay equity analysis worksheets and demographic reporting.

•    Identify and validate compensation discrepancies. •    Determine whether any adjustments are needed.
  •    Justify pay differences based on permissible factors.  •  Evaluate the company-wide impact of pay increases and new hire salaries to internal equity.

Performance Evaluation:
Coming in 2024.

•Evaluate employees’ performances relative to the key requirements of each position.
•Ensure that your compensation practices remain fair and equitable as compensation standards evolve.

Leave your labor-intensive, expensive and manual data-storage processes in the past. We’ll do the heavy lifting and number-crunching so you can rest easy knowing the needs of both your company and employees are met. 

Our on-demand, 24-7 solution is cloud-based – no complicated IT support systems to worry about or maintain. Save time and money, while ensuring accuracy and objectivity.