Harris WorkSystems uses Parity Software to ensure compliance with Oregon’s Pay Equity law and to ensure consistency with our internal pay practices. This cost, effective automated solution gives me the ability to quickly and easily implement equitable raises for existing employees and identify salary placement for new hires. As an added bonus, the customer service and support are top-notch.
I would highly recommend Parity Software to any employer looking to ensure equal pay.

With the tremendous shift to an increasingly younger workforce, employers are searching for ways to change and improve the traditionally archaic performance review process. Parity Software gave us the chance to assess our review process differently. By starting with the job descriptions, we were able to take our review process to a new level.

We were able to leverage Parity Software to organize and gather job description information for our Corporate Services group. The implementation was fast and painless. Heyke and Steve were incredibly responsive and provided excellent service for an easy-to-use product.

Our search for a reliable system to help our organization comply with pay equity laws led us to Parity, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! No other product we considered had the scope and level of detail necessary to meet the demands of our organizational structure.

With Parity Software, we effectively and efficiently gathered, consolidated, analyzed, and presented company-wide compensation data to our executive leadership team - without hiring a compensation consultant.

Using the cloud-based application, we evaluated the salary data for comparable jobs and assessed the impact of potential pay changes in real time.

Parity’s support and guidance during the job description and payroll upload process was invaluable and their friendly and responsive customer service remains at the top of our list of favorite features.

Let our experience be your guide 

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